Move fast, break things.

We know and understand the challenges startup Founders go through. We're excited to introduce tailored services to supercharge your growth and ensure compliance!

We know and understand the challenges startup Founders go through. We're excited to introduce tailored services to supercharge your growth and ensure compliance!

" I didn't even know I had a problem until I met Stellar; I had assumed that dealing with 10+ different service providers was part of running a company. Now I just deal with one single point of contact. This approach of a single ops manager to manage everything for me is a fantastic new take on an old problem. "
Andrew Liu, Co-Founder of Momos
Andrew Liu
Co-Founder at Momos
"It has been a great experience dealing with the Stellar team. I am able to fully focus on my business without worrying about compliance matters with Eric and team taking care of them. Eric’s patient guidance and knowledge when I encountered issues using my subscribed accounting software is also highly comforting."
Jesslyn Ang
Director and shareholder at Emeraudez Pte. Ltd.
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"I love Stellar. They take care of all critical tasks for my company that I don’t want to do but need to get done so I can focus on strategic work like building out the product."
Armen Solakhyan, CEO at Bio Access Platforms, Inc.
Armen Solakhyan
CEO at Bio Access Platforms, Inc.
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“There is something to be said about dealing with a team of professionals. Things are done the right way, every time, and we can’t have any less in our business. The team at Stellar is amazing.”
Image of Jamie Cheng
Jamie Cheng
Founder at Digital Alpha Marketing Pte. Ltd.
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“The support we received from Stellar to keep us on track on crucial matters was far better than we had expected. They have been more of a partner than a service provider.”
Image of Dr. Nicholas Lim,
Director of Dr. Chiro Pte. Ltd
Dr. Nicholas Lim
Director at Dr. Chiro Pte. Ltd.
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Exclusive Offers for You

Unlock exclusive savings on
ALL Stellar services!

Start and Scale with
Stellar services!

Unlock exclusive savings on ALL Stellar services!

Start and Scale with Stellar services!

From company formation to essential corporate services such as ongoing compliance, accounting and tax to payroll and work visas, Stellar is all about helping companies thrive by keeping your back-office running smoothly. Whether you're launching a new venture or scaling existing operations, we are putting real money back in your pocket.
As part of this inner circle, you get to enjoy exclusive preferred pricing — PLUS an extra 10% (in Singapore) & 5% (in the US) discount — on all contracted services in your first year with Stellar!*
Breathe easier knowing you are getting the most out of your budget and prioritizing growth today!
Terms & Conditions (applicable to all jurisdictions)
  1. * Discounts are applied to the Customer’s invoices in the first year of engagement with Stellar, net of applicable taxes and disbursements — this includes (but is not limited to) government fees, payment processing fees, and 3rd party software subscription fees (such as Xero), where applicable.
  2. ** For the avoidance of doubt, the referred customer must be a new customer to Stellar that had not heretofore been a customer of Starboard Group of companies, and successfully passes Stellar’s KYC process.

We take care of you first.

We take care of you first.

Don't wait for mistakes to drive change. Your business deserves a partner that treats it like their own, not just another on an assembly line. With Stellar, we anticipate your needs, keeping you ahead and compliant.
If you have an existing contract with a Corporate Secretary (SG) or Registered Agent (US), we'll take care of your compliance needs for FREE until your contract expires.
Switch effortlessly to our corporate services team in Singapore and the US — let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Starting a business or a new subsidiary in Singapore or the US?

From company formation to compliance, we've got you covered.

Company Formation Simplified

Compliance Made Easy

Free Access to Stellar App

Having Your Company At Your Fingertips

Meet Stellar — an AI-enabled company operating platform combining the best of human experience with technology. It streamlines your back-office operations into a user-friendly interface, freeing you from an entangled web of administrative tasks to drive your business forward.

Our mission: Make starting and scaling a company surprisingly easy for Founders. Stellar is at the heart of this:

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Single source of truth

We don't just manage your back office; we establish a single source of truth for everything you need. Organized data becomes a valuable asset, enabling efficient handling of future tasks.

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Single point of contact

Enjoy the convenience of having one dedicated point of contact for all your needs, existing and new. We're working to provide innovative solutions beyond traditional corporate services, adding value throughout your business's life.

Manage all your company compliance operation in a single platform, with agent supporting you promptly.

The Stellar Advantage

With Stellar, we are offering you the opportunity to focus on what truly matters for your business — growth, strategy, and innovation; leave your back office to us.

Corporate Entity Profile — Instant Clarity

Access accurate, up-to-date corporate information under one roof. No more chasing after different parties for your company details.

Compliance Alerts — Effortless Compliance

Effortlessly stay on top of regulatory requirements and avoid penalties. We are your eyes and ears on the ground; we will send you timely alerts and let you know what to do to stay compliant at all times.

Statutory Filings — Trouble-free Filings

Our experts can handle all your statutory filings, ensuring you stay out of trouble, and freeing you to focus on your business.

Secure Document Vault — Organized Data

Centralize your corporate data for easy access and peace of mind. Keep your corporate and financial data organized for scalability by organizing your documents in a secure location.

In-App Stellar Chat — Enhanced Communication

Easily communicate with your Account Manager and our customer success team. You can easily look up answers to frequently asked questions, as well as request for prompt support for urgent matters.

Registered Address & Digital Mailroom — Streamlined Mail Management

We open and scan all your mail, ensuring you don't miss any critical correspondence.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

We are ready to embark on your success journey with you. Let’s do this together!