Appointing a Data Protection Officer in Singapore

This guide provide the comprehensive introduction of the role of Data Protection Officer in Singapore.

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Feb 26, 2024
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Role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The DPO holds a crucial role in safeguarding data privacy within your organization. They are responsible for overseeing compliance with the PDPA and developing strategies to handle any complaints related to its application. By understanding the responsibilities of a DPO, you can ensure that your organization is in line with data protection regulations.

Who Can Become a DPO?


  • Must possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure the organisation's compliance with the PDPA.
  • Should develop a process to receive and address complaints concerning the PDPA's application.
  • At least one DPO's business contact information (e.g. general telephone, email address) must be publicly available.

Not Required:

  • The DPO doesn't have to be an employee of the organisation.
  • There's no minimum age requirement for the role.

Who Needs to Appoint a DPO?


It is important to note that all organizations, including sole proprietorships, should employ a DPO.


  • Companies that are currently undergoing liquidation.
  • Dormant companies.

Registration with the Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC)

To officially designate someone as your DPO, you need to register their details with the Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC). This can be done by going to ARCA.

In conclusion, as Singapore continues to evolve in the digital realm, ensuring data protection becomes even more crucial. Appointing a competent DPO is a significant step in this direction. For more insights and assistance on this topic, feel free to Contact Us.

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