Your finances, sorted.

Helping you maintain proper bookkeeping and accounting records is just the beginning with Stellar. We take away your administrative burden, and give you back a peace of mind.

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Stay in control of your finances and
be compliant, all the time.


We ensure 100% compliance with regulatory authorities, removing the stress from local requirements.

Certified Professionals

Certified chartered professional accountants guided by the best practices.

Just-in-time Financial Solutions

Quick resolutions of accounting and bookkeeping issues for your Singapore business and real-time access to financial reporting services.

With you, every step of the way.

We offer a range of accounting services that can be bundled to meet your company’s financial needs at every stage of growth. We keep track of compliance deadlines so you don’t have to. Our specialists also handle tax returns and filing, so you are always paying the right tax, at the right time.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

GST Accounting

Unaudited Financial Statements & Director’s Report

Audit Liaison

How it works

Tap into human expertise enhanced by technology

Accurate Books

Precision is our mantra. Get impeccably maintained financial records, every time.

A financial goal tracker indicating a milestone achievement or target within Stellar's platform.
A progress meter, and user profiles, illustrating the comprehensive management tools available in Stellar's platform.

Personalized Onboarding

We dive deep into understanding your business to ensure your bookkeeping aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Single Point of Contact

Eliminate the back-and-forths. With Stellar, you have one dedicated liaison coordinating with all service providers who need your bookkeeping data.

Stellar platform provides founder with extensive support to manage their company activities.

Transferring to Stellar is simple.

We take care of the switch from your former accountant in an efficient and hassle-free way. We will collect all necessary financial data and documentation, and seamlessly transfer your accounting software subscription and data, without interrupting your business.

Abstract representation of the Stellar platform's network symbolizing integration and cohesion in business processes.
" I didn't even know I had a problem until I met Stellar; I had assumed that dealing with 10+ different service providers was part of running a company. Now I just deal with one single point of contact. This approach of a single ops manager to manage everything for me is a fantastic new take on an old problem. "
Andrew Liu, Co-Founder of Momos
Andrew Liu
Co-Founder at Momos
"It has been a great experience dealing with the Stellar team. I am able to fully focus on my business without worrying about compliance matters with Eric and team taking care of them. Eric’s patient guidance and knowledge when I encountered issues using my subscribed accounting software is also highly comforting."
Jesslyn Ang
Director and shareholder at Emeraudez Pte. Ltd.
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"I love Stellar. They take care of all critical tasks for my company that I don’t want to do but need to get done so I can focus on strategic work like building out the product."
Armen Solakhyan, CEO at Bio Access Platforms, Inc.
Armen Solakhyan
CEO at Bio Access Platforms, Inc.
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“There is something to be said about dealing with a team of professionals. Things are done the right way, every time, and we can’t have any less in our business. The team at Stellar is amazing.”
Image of Jamie Cheng
Jamie Cheng
Founder at Digital Alpha Marketing Pte. Ltd.
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“The support we received from Stellar to keep us on track on crucial matters was far better than we had expected. They have been more of a partner than a service provider.”
Image of Dr. Nicholas Lim,
Director of Dr. Chiro Pte. Ltd
Dr. Nicholas Lim
Director at Dr. Chiro Pte. Ltd.
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Stellar helps business owner to manage corporate services such as incorporation, tax filing and more.
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Stellar helps business owner to manage corporate services such as incorporation, tax filing and more.