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How does Stellar work?

Stellar is an operating system with cutting-edge technology and a dedicated Operations Manager-as-a-Service to handle intricate back-office operations. This way, you can save valuable time every day.

Written by
Joanne Chong
Published on
August 3, 2023
Empower your startup's growth with Stellar, offering cutting-edge tech and dedicated support to manage all back-office operations.
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Running a startup is no easy task, and we understand that founders often juggle multiple roles. However, as your company grows, you may find yourself overwhelmed by administrative tasks, pulling you away from your core business strategies and vision.

We believe there is a better way to handle this, before it dampens the passion that drove you to embark on this journey.

Imagine a world where you are always 'due-diligence-ready' for significant milestones like company formation, fundraising, or M&A. Picture having day-to-day operations such as legal compliance, payroll management, bookkeeping, and accounting, and taxes taken care of at the click of a button – all on one platform!

That's the future we're building.

We created Stellar to free founders from operational chaos.

Stellar is an operating system with cutting-edge technology and a dedicated Operations Manager-as-a-Service to handle intricate back-office operations. This way, you can save valuable time every day.

Stellar offers a centralized data vault, ensuring a single source of truth for all your operational data, making compliance surprisingly easy.

With a dedicated Stellar Ops Manager as your single point of contact, you won't need to deal with multiple parties or platforms anymore.

By delegating essential yet mundane operational tasks to Stellar, you can focus on your strengths and strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation.

How does Stellar work? It's simple:

1. Choose the Perfect Plan

We have Stellar Ops Manager plans tailored to your business journey. For solopreneurs and startups, our monthly subscription plans offer a dedicated Ops Manager as part of your extended team. For early-stage startups needing extra support and flexibility, the Stellar On-demand Plan provides an Ops Manager on-demand.

Our monthly Ops Manager plans include a set number of hours to be used every calendar month. For any hours the Stellar Ops Manager works beyond the included hours, they will be billed at the hourly rate according to the plan selected. For customers on the Stellar On-demand Plan, all support hours are billable at an hourly rate.

Find the right plan for your needs here.

2. Smooth Onboarding

After signing up for a Stellar Ops Manager plan, you'll meet your dedicated Ops Manager through a Zoom meeting. They'll get to know your business and support needs, and you can start delegating tasks right away. Plus, we'll help with tech setup to ensure a seamless experience. You will learn to access and use the Stellar Platform, including the in-app Stellar Communicator, which is the heart of all communication with your Ops Manager.

3. The Stellar App - Your Command Center

Think of the Stellar App as your 'command center' for all financial, people, and compliance operations. Accessible anytime, anywhere, the centralized data vault keeps all your crucial corporate data at your fingertips, streamlining your business and making compliance a breeze. The Stellar App is currently available through the web and is mobile responsive (a mobile app is in the works.)

4. Effortless Communication

Our in-app Stellar Communicator is your one-stop messaging platform and resource hub. You can quickly seek support, find FAQs, and receive live assistance during business hours. We respond to messages promptly and ensure you have the support you need.

5. Your Stellar Ops Manager - Your Superhero

Gone are the days of struggling to navigate a complex map of compliance and back-office operations. Your Stellar Ops Manager is your single point of contact, ready to eliminate operational friction. They'll ensure compliance across states and keep your financial and people operations running smoothly.

Whether you need an extra hand to help to incorporate your new company, and to stay on top of annual reports, corporate tax returns, bookkeeping and accounting, equity management including 409a valuation, payment and payroll tax management, we are here for you. Check out the services Stellar Ops Managers are currently providing to our valued customers.

With Stellar, you'll have a reliable partner to support your journey, allowing you to focus on what you do best - driving your business forward and upwards.

Ready to save time? Working with Stellar starts at just $249/month for your first six months!

Visit us at to start a chat or click here to schedule a call to discuss your needs.

Oh, and have you heard about the ‘Rabbit Hole’ problem that founders face? We’ve described it in this article. See if you experience the same thing too!

Joanne Chong
August 3, 2023
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