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Written by
Melvin Yuan
Published on
August 1, 2023
Stellar transforms startup operations, offering a single point for managing back-office tasks, freeing founders for strategic growth.
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As someone who has founded three venture-backed companies, I often find myself strapped for time, impatient, faced with an almost overwhelming flood of information and data, and a whole bunch of urgent tasks.

A significant portion of this workload falls broadly under the umbrella of a company's back-office operations. This includes various critical tasks, ranging from financial operations like bookkeeping and accounting to people operations such as hiring, recruitment, and managing the administrative process of onboarding a new employee and setting up their payroll. And let's not forget compliance—there’s always compliance.

There are point solutions, but they only solve tactical problems

It's not like there were no solutions at all. I've used a range of SaaS platforms like bookkeeping software, expense management systems, hiring platforms, legal templates, document management tools, and other service providers.

While all these partially alleviate some specific pain points, they fail to address the fundamental challenge of running a company’s back-office operations.

Why should I have to juggle between 16 to over 20 different platforms and services, just to operate a company?

This question struck a chord with many other founders, and it is this shared frustration led to the birth of Stellar.

Managing the back-office operations of a company can be a convoluted process. It's not just about handling accounting, payroll, and HR matters, but also about managing the conversations and information flow to and from multiple parties and platforms — all while simultaneously trying to grow the business.

Context Switching is the Killer

All this context switching can be really crippling — bouncing between different functions, financial ops, people ops, compliance — especially when you're dealing with it all single-handedly.

And again, while some of the tools I used were somewhat helpful in addressing specific issues, they all fell short in solving the main problem: the overarching challenge of operating a company.

A Single Point of Contact — Let Stellar Run Your Back Office, Not You

Now, Stellar is designed to act as your VP of Operations — a single point of contact for all your back-office operations. Think of it as a "Operations Manager as a Service" — with a dedicated Ops Manager and a company dashboard to consolidate all your back-office operations into a single user-friendly interface.

This consolidation simplifies the complexity of shifting between dozens of different platforms and service providers. By streamlining all these processes, we save you time, freeing you up to devote your energy towards driving your business forward rather than getting tangled up in a whole bunch of administrative tasks. We enable you to focus on what truly matters for your business — growth, strategy, and innovation.

A Single Source of Truth — Keeping Your Corporate and Financial Data Organized for Scalability

Besides managing operations, Stellar also serves as a single source of truth for all your corporate and financial information. Properly organizing and tracking documents and company information can be a burden for founders. However, failing to do so amplifies future compliance and management challenges.

Often, once a task is completed, like company formation or re-structuring, it feels like there's no time to properly file away documents and organize information before diving headfirst into the next task.

And that's natural for most founders. But failing to properly file corporate documents and crucial data only increases future challenges in compliance and all aspects of management.

As a founder, I understand the struggle of keeping up with these changes — you just don't want to do it… there’s simply isn’t enough time. You want to complete a task and move on, not spend additional time filing away documents.

Yet, this proper organization of company data is crucial. Done well, it transforms all the information, data, and files we possess into a genuine asset, enabling us to more efficiently handle future tasks. A classic example is due diligence. The reason why due diligence feels like such a pain for many founders during fundraising is twofold — first, it’s crucial; everything hangs in the balance when your Series-A check is held up by an incomplete set of due diligence documents. And second, it’s during this time that founders realize they could have avoided all that stress — because the required information should have been there, properly organized from the start.

That's precisely what we offer. We don't only manage the back office of your company, but we also establish a single source of truth for everything you need. That way, your data, your files, your company information, and your corporate financial information all become an asset.

Our mission is to make starting and running a company surprisingly easy for founders.

If all we've just described feels overwhelming as you contemplate organizing your back-office operations, don’t worry. You're not alone. We invite you to schedule a brief 30-minute call with us. We believe that this quick call could potentially give you back hundreds of hours of your time, allowing you to focus on what you truly set out to do when you first decided to become a founder.

Click this link to book a call with us today.

Melvin Yuan
August 1, 2023
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