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Stellar — Making it easier to run and scale your company

We're excited to introduce you to Stellar, your company operating platform that combines the best of human expertise with technology, designed to simplify your back-office administration.

Written by
Keith Teo
Published on
November 2, 2023
Stellar - Your unified corporate solution. Stay compliant, manage filings effortlessly, and enjoy organized data with a dedicated point of contact.
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Key Features

🏢 Corporate Entity Profile — Instant Clarity

Access accurate, up-to-date corporate information under one roof. No more chasing after different parties for your own company details.

⚖️ Compliance Alerts — Effortless Compliance

Effortlessly stay on top of regulatory requirements and avoid penalties. We are your eyes and ears on the ground; we will send you timely alerts and let you know what to do to stay compliant at all times.

📜 Statutory Filings — Trouble-free Filings

Let our experts handle all your statutory filings, ensuring you stay out of trouble. We manage the paperwork so you can focus on your business.

🗃️ Secure Document Vault — Organized Data

Centralize your corporate data for easy access and peace of mind. Keep your corporate and financial data organized for scalability by organizing your documents in a secure location.

📱 In-App Stellar Chat — Enhanced Communication

Easily communicate with your Account Manager and our customer success team. You can easily look up answers to frequently asked questions, as well as request for prompt support for urgent matters.

💼 Registered Address & Digital Mailroom — Streamlined Mail Management

Have a prestigious address in Singapore’s CBD or in the heart of Silicon Valley. You never have to actually be here… we open and scan all your mail for you, so you don’t miss any important government mail or other important correspondence.

How Does This Help You?

🌐 Single Source of Truth

We don't only manage the back office of your company, we also establish a single source of truth for everything you need. Organization of company data — when done well — transforms all the corporate information, knowledge and files into a genuine asset, enabling you to more efficiently handle future tasks.

☎️ Single Point of Contact

Enjoy the convenience of having one dedicated point of contact for all your needs, existing and new. For now, this person will be either your Company Secretary or your Bookkeeper / Accountant, depending on who spends the most time with you. We are working hard to offer problem-solving beyond traditional corporate services that will continue to add value over the lifetime of your business.

I didn't even know I had a problem until I met Stellar; I had assumed that dealing with 10+ different service providers was part of running a company. Now I just deal with one single point of contact. This approach of a single ops manager to manage everything for me is a fantastic new take on an old problem. - Andrew Liu, Co-Founder at Momos

🖥️ Stellar consolidates all your back-office operations into a single user-friendly interface that saves you time, freeing you up from an entangled web of administrative tasks to drive your business forward.

Are you looking to incorporate your company or switching your corporate compliance partner? Book a call with us for a free consultation.

Keith Teo
November 2, 2023
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Product Updates

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