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What is Stellar?

How do we help founders save time and focus their energy?

Written by
Melvin Yuan
Published on
August 2, 2023
Stellar simplifies company operations for founders, offering a single point of contact for back-office tasks, ensuring efficiency and focus.
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We help other founders operate their companies, by providing a single point of contact, for all their back office operations including company formation, compliance, FinancialOps (like accounting and bookkeeping), and PeopleOps (including payroll, hiring, benefits etc.) Think of it as a VP of Ops or an Ops Manager — as a service.

And we’re doing this because we’ve found that founders today have to deal with 16 to more than 20 parties or platforms just to operate a business.

Founders go to one platform to incorporate their company. They then take that information to another party to get help with bookkeeping or accounting; and on a regular basis, they take that data and info, from one place to another, and another — to start a bank account, to get insurance, to get financing, and the list goes on…

As a result, the founder ends up spending a lot of time playing mailman — bringing data from one place to another. And they end up telling their life story, and everything about their business, how far along they are, the state of their finances, over and over again.

And that’s not all. Founders end up going down rabbit holes — when they think that a task or a conversation should take an hour max — and end up taking 10, 20, more than 30 hours.

This is highly distracting; all the context-switching has massive impact on a founder’s focus, energy and productivity.

With Stellar, founders get a VP of Ops, or an operations manager that organizes all of that for them. We take the founder out of centre of all that coordination work, set up the perfect back-office operations, and manage it for them.

Stellar is also a single source of truth for the company.

Most founders have important company data and documents all over the place, and they don’t have time to organize them well. So — each time they do something new, like due diligence for a fund-raise, or form a subsidiary company, or apply for insurance, they have to spend precious time, under tight deadlines — to assemble the information.

Stellar pulls in information from multiple sources, keeps a thorough record of the company’s operations— and synthesizes the info to get what needs to get done, done.

In our world, startups are always ‘due-diligence-ready’; and in our world, when a founder needs to start hire and onboard a new employee, or set up a subsidiary — all it takes, is a single instruction, and it gets done. That, we believe, is the future of running a company.

Melvin Yuan
August 2, 2023
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