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How to 3x Your Time to Grow Your Startup

Start by avoiding ‘Rabbit Holes’ and context-switching

Written by
Melvin Yuan
Published on
August 7, 2023
Stellar: Your solution to reclaim time from administrative tasks, empowering startup founders to concentrate on expansion and success.
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A startling insight from a survey by The Alternative Board reveals that startup founders spend only 32% of their time expanding their business, with a staggering 68% consumed by operational tasks and unforeseen issues. The consequences are not limited to wasteful time usage, and they bring to light the insidiously destructive impact of context-switching.

Context Switching Kills Your Productivity

Context-switching is the perpetual shift of focus between distinct tasks. A study indicates that frequent task-switching can slash productivity levels by as much as 40%.

When you consider this in a startup environment, such productivity loss can lead to a plethora of setbacks, such as delayed product releases, missed opportunities, and overall stagnation.

Illustration by Stellar

Clearly, founders do not set out to do this; yet they often end up on this slippery slope. We call this the ‘Rabbit Hole’ Problem; and described it at length in this article.

Rabbit Holes lead you everywhere except down the path of focus and growth

Founders become mired in an 'operational rabbit hole' when day-to-day operational tasks consume their attention and energy. As a startup scales, the 'rabbit holes' inevitably become more convoluted. Increasing volumes of fragmented data, complex data management tasks, and mounting regulatory compliance issues add layers of operational chaos, distracting founders from their vision and core growth strategy of the company.

We created Stellar to enable founders to focus 100% on building (not ‘operating’.)

We help founders operate their companies, by providing a single point of contact, for all their back-office operations including company formation, compliance, FinancialOps (like accounting and bookkeeping), and PeopleOps (such as payroll, hiring, benefits etc.) Think of Stellar as a VP of Ops or an Ops Manager — as a service.

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Stellar simplifies operations by eliminating the constant juggling of numerous platforms and service providers. This not only saves time — it also liberates you from the drudgery of administrative tasks, and lets you channel your energy into propelling your business forward.

Ultimately, we aim to help you focus 100% on the pivotal aspects of your business — growth, strategy, and innovation.

Watch a quick 2-minute video introduction to Stellar — here

Our Mission — To Make it Easy (and Enjoyable!) for Founders to Start and Run their Companies

Founders don’t start a business for the love of back-office operations. Yet, the tendency is to inadvertently over allocate time for this work. Stellar is here to redress this imbalance and give you back time to focus on what you love.

If this sounds good to you, book a free 30 minute call with us. We would love to show you how we can help you.

Melvin Yuan
August 7, 2023
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